Adobe Reader for Mac
Alte Version von Adobe Reader for Mac Für Mac OS 9.2
Aktuellste Version
Adobe Reader XI 11.0.03
Mac OS 8, 9, X
Erste Erscheinung
24 June, 1997 (24 years ago )
Aktuellste Erscheinung
14 May, 2013 (8 years ago )

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Herunterladen Alte Version von Adobe Reader for Mac Für Mac OS 9.2


Version Name
31 October, 2001
(19 years ago)
41.7 MB
28 January, 2000
(21 years ago)
4.86 MB
08 September, 1998
(22 years ago)
5.32 MB
24 June, 1997
(24 years ago)
4.86 MB
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Über Adobe Reader for Mac

Adobe Acrobat was the first software to support Adobe Systems' Portable Document Format (PDF). It is a family of software, some commercial and some free of charge. Adobe Reader (formerly called Acrobat Reader) is available as a no-charge download from Adobe's web site, and allows the viewing and printing of PDF files. Acrobat and Reader are a major components of the Adobe Engagement Platform, and are widely used as a way to present information with a fixed layout similar to a paper publication. Several other PDF-editing programs allow some minimal editing and adding of features to documents, and come with other modules including a printer driver to create PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is property of Adobe Inc. .

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