Internet Explorer for Mac
Versiones Antiguas de Internet Explorer for Mac para Mac OS 8.5.1
Version más Reciente
Internet Explorer 5.2.3 (Last Version)
Sistemas Compatibles
SO Antiguos Compatibles
Mac OS 8, 9, X (PowerPC)
Primera Versión
Última Versión
16 June, 2003 (18 years ago )

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Nombre de la Versión
Fecha Liberación
11 July, 2002
(19 years ago)
11.36 MB
05 July, 2002
(19 years ago)
5.39 MB
16 April, 2002
(19 years ago)
5.39 MB
18 December, 2001
(19 years ago)
9.51 MB
15 May, 2000
(21 years ago)
6.52 MB
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Acerca de Internet Explorer for Mac

Internet Explorer for Mac, a.k.a. Internet Explorer:mac or Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition, was a proprietary but free-of-charge web browser developed by Microsoft for the Macintosh platform. Initial versions were developed from the same code base as Internet Explorer for Windows, however later versions diverged, particularly with the release of version 5 which included the Tasman rendering engine. As a result of the five-year agreement between Apple and Microsoft in 1997, it was the default browser on Mac OS before it was replaced by Apple owned Safari web browser. Internet Explorer remained available for the Mac OS until January 31, 2006. No major updates had been released since March 27, 2000 aside from bug fixes and updates to take advantage of new features in Mac OS X.

Internet Explorer Features
  • Auto-complete in the address bar responds to typing partial URLs or page titles, searches favorites and history
  • Go menu allows access to the persistent global browser history
  • CSS support
  • Text zoom allows the user to resize text on any page, regardless of how text size is specified
  • Scrapbook feature lets the user archive any page in its current state.
  • Auction Manager feature automatically tracks eBay auctions.
  • Print Preview functionality allowing for adjustment of the font-size from within the preview pane.
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