Historial de Versiones de VLC Player 0.8.2

Core support:
Rewrite of the playlist

    • Tree structure
    • Input preparsing (for meta-data)
    • Grouping (by artist, ...) support

Preferences improvements:

    • New organization, designed to improve usability
    • New configuration types (list of modules, ...)
  • XML parsers
  • Core image manipulation support
  • Client-side SSL/TLS support
  • SSL Client certificates checking support (allows for secure VoD)
  • Renamed --spu-channel to --sub-track
  • Renamed --spumargin to --sub-margin
  • Renamed --audio-channel to --audio-track
  • Renamed --filter to --vout-filter
  • filters, extra interfaces, visualizations and service discovery modules are
  • now separated by ':' instead of ','
  • Access filter architecture
  • Track selection based on preferred language (--sub-language and --audio-language)
  • Zsh autocompletion for VLC's arguments
  • Many bugfixes...


  • Support for SOCKS proxy
  • Support for Shoutcast Meta-data
  • Support for (HE-)AAC raw-audio streams
  • Support for images on a HTTP server that get refreshed on the server
  • Better support for Kasenna streams
  • RTSP UDP->TCP rollover support
  • Massive Matroska improvements
  • Support for XA and VOC audio files
  • TiVo demuxer
  • Samba (Windows shares) access module
  • Improved CDDAX module (uses several playlist items)
  • Fixes to Linux DVB support
  • Fix the "negative subtitles delay" bug
  • Support for FTP over IPv6

Decoders / Encoders:

  • Dirac decoder and encoder
  • PNG decoder/encoder
  • Improvements to DVB subtitles encoder
  • Support for Apple Lossless Audio Codec

Access filters:

  • New Record and Timeshift filters

Services discovery:

  • New type of modules, that add items to the playlist
  • Brand new SAP module
  • To enable SAP, you now need to use "-S sap" or add SAP in
  • the "Manage->Services Discovery" menu
  • ( IPv6 SAP is now enabled by default )
  • Non-standard support for HTTP streams SAP announces removed
  • HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) discovery
  • DAAP (iTunes shares) support
  • Shoutcast

Audio output:

  • Support for 20/24 bits LPCM

Video output:

  • Video snapshot support (png or jpg)
  • Image file video output (png)
  • Motion detection filter (can trigger playlist actions)
  • Improvements to wall video filter
  • Support for font color and opacity

Stream output:

  • Muxers
    • ASF improvements
  • VLM / VoD
    • Ability to load a configuration file on startup
    • Seeking support in VoD streams
  • Mosaic (picture-in-picture system)


    • Redesigned playlist : add playlist, add directory, ...
    • Improved preferences
    • Improvements to the wizard
    • DVD, VCD and Audio CD navigation buttons


    • Redesigned playlist
    • Improved preferences
  • Skins
    • Support for multiple actions
    • Fixes
  • HTTP
    • Support for the new playlist system
  • Lirc
    • Now uses new config settings. See doc/lirc/example.lirc

Windows port:

  • Screensaver disabling fix
  • DirectShow tuner configuration
  • Support for no-decoration windows

MacOS X port:

  • Many Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger related fixes
  • The OpenGL video output is back
  • A new audio module that should work more reliable for analog audio output in various configurations.
    • Supports multichannel discrete analog output
    • Digital audio output requires you to change a preference setting because it
  • is not yet available in the new module
    • Please read the README.MacOSX.rtf file for more information.

Mozilla Plugin:

  • Javascript fixes
  • Mozilla plugin for MacOS X is back (not yet distributed)

IE Plugin:

  • Brand new Internet Explorer ActiveX plugin


  • The following languages were added:
  • Catalan
  • Danish
  • Turkish