Version History of Firefox 29.0

What’s New

  • NEW  Significant new customization mode makes it easy to personalize your Web experience to access the features you use the most (learn more)
  • NEW  A new, easy to access menu sits in the right hand corner of Firefox and includes popular browser controls
  • NEW Sleek new tabs provide an overall smoother look and fade into the background when not active
  • NEW  An interactive onboarding tour to guide users through the new Firefox changes
  • NEW  The ability to set up Firefox Sync by creating a Firefox account (learn more)
  • NEW  Gamepad API finalized and enabled (learn more)
  • NEW  HTTPS used for Yahoo Searches performed in en-US locale
  • NEW  Malay [ma] locale added
  • CHANGED  Clicking on a W3C Web Notification will switch to the originating tab
  • DEVELOPER  'box-sizing' (dropping the -moz- prefix) implemented (learn more)
  • DEVELOPER  Console object available in Web Workers (learn more)
  • DEVELOPER  Promises enabled by default (learn more)
  • DEVELOPER  SharedWorker enabled by default
  • DEVELOPER  <input type="number" /> implemented and enabled
  • DEVELOPER  <input type="color" /> implemented and enabled
  • DEVELOPER  Enabled ECMAScript Internationalization API
  • DEVELOPER  Add-on bar has been removed, content moved to navigation bar
  • DEVELOPER  Implemented URLSearchParams from the URL specification (see MDN for details )
  • FIXED  Various security fixes

Known Issues

  • UNRESOLVED  Without affecting security, after restoring your session, Extended Validation Certificates might not display (See 995801)
  • UNRESOLVED  Text Rendering Issues on Windows 7 with Platform Update KB2670838 (MSIE 10 Prerequisite) or on Windows 8.1 has a workaround (see 812695)