MSN Messenger for Mac
Old Version of MSN Messenger for Mac for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (PowerPC)
Latest Version
MSN Messenger 8.0
Supported Systems
Legacy OS support
Mac 8, 9, X
First Release
02 July, 2003 (17 years ago )
Latest Release
24 October, 2010 (10 years ago )

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Download Old Version of MSN Messenger for Mac for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (PowerPC)


Version Name
Released Date
05 February, 2009
(12 years ago)
21.27 MB
28 May, 2008
(12 years ago)
21.28 MB
21 August, 2007
(13 years ago)
9.49 MB
22 March, 2006
(15 years ago)
6.74 MB
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About MSN Messenger for Mac

Macintosh users have a combined home and corporate client dubbed Microsoft Messenger for Mac rather than MSN Messenger for home use and Windows Messenger for corporate use. The Macintosh version has far fewer features than its Windows counterpart; though released several months after MSN Messenger 7.0, does not offer voice conversations, webcams, online games, and several other features already introduced and popular with Windows users. Another minor upgrade for Mac was released in March 2006, but it still does not support audio, video, or other extended features.

MSN Messenger is property of Microsoft, Inc. .

Updates : MSN Messenger for Mac Updates