Version History of Skype

New features and improvements in Skype 5.6 for Mac include:

  • Automatic Updates
  • Improved UI for group video calling
  • New full screen mode in OS X Lion
  • Ability to delete conversations
  • Ability to disable Audio Gain Control

Automatic Updates
Skype will now automatically upgrade to newer versions when minor and critical updates are released. This will keep you on the cutting edge with Skype's newest features. 

UI improvement in group video calling
Switch between dynamic mode and non-dynamic mode in group video calls with 5 or more participants. With dynamic mode on, the person who is speaking is automatically moved to the top of the screen.

Support for full screen mode in OS X Lion
Now, you can take advantage of full screen mode in Skype. This feature eliminates distractions from the Dock and Menu bars, while enhancing your interaction with your loved ones. 

Ability to delete conversations
Delete messages within a conversation, as well as remove conversations from the sidebar and your history.

Ability to disable Audio Gain Control from Preferences
Disable the automatic adjustment of your microphone setting in your preferences in order to reduce the background noise during conference calls.

Please download the latest version, Skype 5.6 for Mac today and share your feedback by commenting on our Skype Support Network or by filing issues on our public issue tracker.

Fixed Issues:

Category Description
Conversations Chat messages aren't shown after clearing recent conversations or closing the last one
Calling Choppy audio issue with USB headset while in group call
Calling Call toolbar does not appear after call is ended
Contacts Selection of contacts in the contact list