Version History of Maxthon Cloud Browser 4.2.2 Build 1000

New feature:

  • Download Manager icon is available in Quick Tools section
  • New interface of ‘Check for update’ window
  • Brand new installation program interface


  • Improved core performance
  • Advanced high DPI display
  • Underline effect on hyperlinked text
  • No auto prompt ‘set Maxthon as default browser’ in Win8/8.1  
  • Download manager icon is added to Quick Tools section
  • Advanced quick words display in address bar
  • Fixes:
  • [Main Frame]
    • Deleting one item in the address bar drop-down list, the number of the remaining items display incorrectly
    • A bug that two same paths appear when selecting the folder to store the downloaded files in download manager
    • Unable to show avatar when there are special characters in system account name
  • [Webkit Core]
    • Subscribe and update RSS
    • The bug that it is unable to show alert popup in webpage after minimizing the browser in XP system right click menu
    • Reader Mode in certain pages display incorrectly
    • Unable to open the webpage embedded with PDF file
    • The bug that it is unable to send yahoo mails
    • Partial composing Error in certain webpages
    • The last visited content in Maxthon Now- Maxthon Start Page may be different from the one in “about:last”
    • page alert popup cannot be shown after minimizing the browser
    • Blue line occurs in some HTML 5 player controls
    • Visiting PDF files in ultra mode, no downloading prompt pops up
    • A bug that the page scrolls when using shortcuts ‘Ctrl+C’ to copy
    • Cursor pattern does not change when using mouse gesture to switch tab