Old Version of MediaPortal
Latest Version
MediaPortal 1.7.0
Supported Systems
Legacy OS support
Windows XP,Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
First Release
15 November, 2007 (13 years ago )
Latest Release
17 April, 2014 (6 years ago )

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Version Name
Released Date
OS Supported
17 April, 2014
(6 years ago)
95.88 MB
Windows Vista, Vista x64, 7
and 4 more
31 December, 2013
(7 years ago)
95.66 MB
Windows Vista, Vista x64, 7
and 3 more
01 October, 2013
(7 years ago)
91.81 MB
Windows XP, Vista, 7
and 1 more
18 June, 2013
(7 years ago)
90.58 MB
Windows XP, XP x64, Vista
and 5 more
29 November, 2010
(10 years ago)
31.25 MB
Windows XP, Vista, 7
01 October, 2010
(10 years ago)
31.26 MB
Windows XP, Vista, 7
23 July, 2010
(10 years ago)
30.93 MB
Windows XP, Vista, 7
08 May, 2009
(11 years ago)
29.17 MB
Windows XP, Vista
10 April, 2009
(11 years ago)
29.15 MB
Windows XP, Vista
22 December, 2008
(12 years ago)
28.25 MB
Windows XP, Vista
15 November, 2007
(13 years ago)
26.69 MB
Windows XP, Vista
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About MediaPortal

MediaPortal is an open-source media center (HTPC) software project, often considered an alternative to Windows Media Center. It provides a 10-foot user interface for performing typical PVR/TiVo functionality, including playing, pausing, and recording live TV; playing DVDs, videos, and music; viewing pictures; and other functions. Plugins allow it to perform additional tasks, such as watching online video, listening to music from online services such as, and launching other applications such as games. It interfaces with the hardware commonly found in HTPCs, such as TV tuners, infrared receivers, and LCD displays.

MediaPortal transforms your PC in to a complete media solution where you can:

  • Watch, schedule and record live TV - like a TiVo, but better.
  • Play videos, movies, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
  • Listen to music and radio.
  • Enjoy pictures, home videos or create a slideshow.
  • Stream media, radio and TV to any HTPC / PC connected to your network.
  • Use a remote to control your HTPC from your couch.
  • Access MediaPortal from the web or mobile device.
  • Check the weather, news, RSS feeds, and more.

Recommended Minimum Hardware

  • CPU: Intel P4 with 2.0 GHz / AMD XP-2000+ or above
  • Memory: 1024 MB
  • HDD: 600 MB for MediaPortal
  • HDD: 50 GB for TV recordings and time shifting. Recordings can take up to 8GB per hour
  • Video card: DirectX 9 compatible video card with at least 128 MB of video memory
  • TV card: MediaPortal TV-Server supports all analog TV cards with hardware MPEG-2 encoder and all digital TV cards which use BDA-drivers.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Media Center Edition 2005 with service pack 3
  • Windows Vista 32- and 64-bit with at least service pack 2
  • Windows 7 32- and 64-bit
  • Windows 8 32- and 64-bit (as of v1.3.0)
  • Windows 8.1 32- and 64-bit (as of v1.5.0)

Updates : MediaPortal Updates