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Old Version of Terragen

Software Overview

Website: http://www.planetside.co.uk/
Software Provider: Planetside Software
Current Version: Terragen 0.9.43
Operating Systems: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista
License: Freeware
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Old Versions of Terragen available to Download:

Terragen 0.9.43 (2 MB)
Terragen 0.9.19 (3 MB)
Terragen 0.8.44 (3 MB)
Terragen 0.8.11 (3 MB)
Terragen 0.7.28 (2 MB)
Terragen 0.7.22 (2 MB)
Terragen 0.6.63 (2 MB)


About Terragen :

Terragen is a freeware scenery generator program for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh developed and published by Planetside Software. It can be used to create renderings and animations of landscapes.

It is popular among amateur artists, which can be attributed to it being freeware, its intuitive interface, and its capability to create photorealistic landscapes when used skillfully. It can also use DEM files, and other graphic surface maps for rendering.

A commercial version of the software is also available and is capable of creating larger terrains, renders with higher image resolution and better post-render anti-aliasing than the freeware version. A Terragen image appeared on the April 16, 2001 cover of Newsweek, and Terragen was used for animations in Brandy Norwood's 'What About Us?' music video.

The terrain is generated from a two-dimensional heightmap. The program contains facilities for importing and exporting heightmaps to images, for use in other programs.
Terragen can also be used to create skyboxes for 3D video games. The game Serious Sam is a prime example.
Terragen 2, with vastly enhanced features, was slated for its first public release at the end of January, 2006.

Terragen feature

  • Procedural terrains of "infinite" detail
  • Displacement mapping
  • Full object support for vegetation, etc.
  • Object instancing support, allowing the rendering of "millions" of trees, boulders, etc.
  • A planetary atmosphere and scene model
  • Capability to have multiple planets in a scene
  • Volumetric clouds
  • Motion blur
  • Terragen is property of Planetside Software .
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