Version History of PHP 5.5.5


  • Fixed bug #64979 (Wrong behavior of static variables in closure generators).
  • Fixed bug #65322 (compile time errors won't trigger auto loading).
  • Fixed bug #65821 (By-ref foreach on property access of string offset segfaults).

CLI Server:

  • Fixed bug #65633 (built-in server treat some http headers as case-sensitive).
  • Fixed bug #65818 (Segfault with built-in webserver and chunked transfer encoding).
  • Added application/pdf to PHP CLI Web Server mime types


  • Fixed bug #64157 (DateTime::createFromFormat() reports confusing error message).
  • Fixed bug #65502 (DateTimeImmutable::createFromFormat returns DateTime).
  • Fixed bug #65548 (Comparison for DateTimeImmutable doesn't work).


  • Fixed bug #65708 (dba functions cast $key param to string in-place, bypassing copy on write).


  • Add RFC 6598 IPs to reserved addresses.
  • Fixed bug #64441 (FILTER_VALIDATE_URL rejects fully qualified domain names).


  • Fixed bug #65667 (ftp_nb_continue produces segfault).


  • Ensure that the defined interpolation method is used with the generic scaling methods.


  • Fixed bug #65721 (configure script broken in 5.5.4 and 5.4.20 when enabling imap).


  • Fixed bug #65845 (Error when Zend Opcache Optimizer is fully enabled).
  • Fixed bug #65665 (Exception not properly caught when opcache enabled).
  • Fixed bug #65510 (5.5.2 crashes in _get_zval_ptr_ptr_var).
  • Fixed issue #135 (segfault in interned strings if initial memory is too low).
  • Added function opcache_compile_file() to load PHP scripts into cache without execution.
  • Added support for GNU Hurd.


  • Fixed bug #65808 (the socket_connect() won't work with IPv6 address).


  • Fixed bug #64782 (SplFileObject constructor make $context optional / give it a default value).


  • Fixed bug #61548 content-type must appear at the end of headers for 201 Location to work in http.


  • Fixed bug #51936 Crash with clone XMLReader.
  • Fixed bug #64230 XMLReader does not suppress errors.

Build system:

  • Fixed bug #51076 Race condition in shtool's mkdir -p implementation.
  • Fixed bug #62396 'make test' crashes starting with 5.3.14 (missing gzencode()).