Version History of Skype (Beta)

Sharing Instant Messages with friends with Messenger

You can now sign in with your Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID), and see presence as well as send and receive IM messages from your friends who are using Messenger, Xbox, Hotmail or

Improved Facebook integration

You can now sign in directly with your Facebook account log in, without needing to first create a Skype account.

Support for 6 new languages

We are excited to support our growing community around the world with new localized versions of Skype in Thai, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Catalan and Slovak, bringing the total languages Skype supports to 38.

In addition, we have added new features and minor improvements to improve usability of the Skype for Windows client.

Sign in with a Microsoft or Facebook account.

You can now sign into Skype directly using a Microsoft or Facebook account, without having to first create a Skype account, making it easier to connect with friends on Skype without needing to setup a new Skype account.

Link Microsoft and Facebook accounts to a Skype account.

If you sign in with a Microsoft or Facebook account you will be offered the option to link your Skype account. If you choose the link option then Skype will display a combined list of friends. This is an area we are still working through so please let us know about your experience.

Updated visual design.

We have refreshed and flattened the Skype UI with a simpler and less cluttered look.

Removal of the online user count.

We have removed the online user counter at the bottom of your Skype Contacts list to unclutter the UI and make more space for your friends within the contacts list.

Display previously created profile pictures.

When you change your profile picture, we will now show you all of your previous Skype profile pictures so you don't have to look through old files if you want to use a previous image.

Improved telemetry.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our product. To that end we are adding additional "opt-in" telemetry reports for users who choose this option: "Tools>> Options>>Advanced>>Tick "Help improve Skype..." The reports may contain your Skype ID and or Microsoft Account ID but we will not use it to identify you or contact you.

Resolved issues:





After resuming call from hold Skype showed double call monitor



Skype crashed on login in case user had specific cookie settings in Internet Explorer



It was not possible to edit profile info if Skype was in Right to Left language



It was not possible to rearrange Favorites



Some special characters were not properly displayed in IM



Skype decreased music volume on Windows 7 with any Skype sound playing



Skype sometimes did not detect mousewheel activity



Fixed "out of video memory" issues with old graphics cards



Favorites list was cleared when deleting Skype history in client


Known issues:




Change a password

It's not possible to change your password in Skype if you have logged in with Microsoft or Facebook account

Change password with the respective service provider.

Online Number

Incoming calls using Online numbers do not work when logged in with Microsoft or Facebook accounts

None available.

Video Calling

Video stops when changing camera during a call

Restart sending video after switching camera


It's not yet possible to add, remove or accept Microsoft and Facebook contacts from contact list

Add, remove or accept contact in your Facebook or Microsoft account


After linking a Microsoft account and a Skype account, signing in with your Skype account will still show Messenger contacts, but they will appear offline.

Sign in with your Microsoft credentials to your merged account.

Volunteer localization of Skype for Windows has been done by:

  • Bulgarian: Nikolina Filipova & Nikolay Filipov
  • Chinese (Simplified): Wang Miao (
  • Chinese (Traditional): Penny Yang, Carlos Lee (PChome)
  • Czech: Petr Silon
  • Dutch: Kees Koenders
  • French: Fabrice Imperial & Bruno Lépaulard
  • German: Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli
  • Hungarian: Mark Bender
  • Italian: Daniele Conte
  • Lithuanian: Viktoras Kriukovas
  • Norwegian: Stig Auestad
  • Polish: Karol Szastok
  • Portuguese: Francisco Ferreira
  • Romanian: Péter & Mónika Henning
  • Turkish: Ömer Emin Dede
  • Ukrainian: Vitaliy Kupchynskyy