APF Electronics Inc

APF Electronics Inc
Founding Date Jan 1978 (43 years ago)
Number of Employees 1000

APF Electronics Inc was a family of United States dedicated to consumer electronics. The name came from the two brothers who founded the company: A l & P hil F Riedman.

Before home computers became popular, many electronics manufacturers produced processor-based game consoles that attached to a TV. APF was one of those manufacturers.

APF’s Imagination Machine II was part game console, part home computer. In fact, the original Imagination Machine was a keyboard upgrade to the company’s MP1000 game console. Much of the available software was either game-oriented or educational. The Building Block expansion unit provided a means to connect a printer, modem, or floppy disk drive. It also had a slot for an additional RAM cartridge.

The company produced an earlier computer, the PeCos (for Personal Computer) that used a proprietary programming language. It had a keyboard and two cassette recorder built into a wood-sided cabinet.