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Phone Number 1-800-705-2000
Company Email [email protected]
Founding Date Jan 1917 (104 years ago)
Number of Employees 4900

Magnavox (Latin for "great voice") is a US electronics company founded by Edwin Pridham and Peter L. Jensen, who invented the moving-coil loudspeaker in 1915 at their lab in Napa, California. They formed Magnavox in 1917 in order to market their inventions. Magnavox is also known for creating the Odyssey, the world's first home video game console. Magnavox is currently a brand for products made by Funai under license from trademark owner Philips.

Shortly after its launch, Magnavox became a major consumer electronics and defense company. It manufactured radios, TVs, and record players. In the 1960s Magnavox manufactured the first plasma panels for the military and for computer applications.

In 1972, Magnavox introduced the Odyssey, which was the world's first home video game console. The introduction of it triggered the beginning of the home video game console market. In 1974, the Magnavox Company was acquired by Philips, and all Philips consumer electronics in the US under the Norelco name began rebranding them under the Magnavox name; Philips acquired the similar-sounding company Philco in 1981, and Philips was able to freely use the Philips name, alternating with the Magnavox name for some electronics, with the personal care business continuing to use the Norelco name.