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Company Email [email protected]
Founding Date Nov 2001 (19 years ago)
Number of Employees 170
Established in 2001, Maxwest Telecom is one of the leading open market unlocked GSM cell phone distributors in the world. We have partnerships with key retailers globally and are continuing to expand daily. We strive to keep our consumers up-to-date with the newest innovations of unlocked cell phones as we continue to upgrade our product line. Please feel free to check back regularly to see new products and features.
Maxwest makes customer satisfaction its number 1 priority by continuing to provide quality products at an affordable price. At Maxwest, our products, services, and support give our customers the best advantage for success and profitability in an economy that is ever-changing. In a highly advanced technological environment, we strive to frequently update our designs and technology to meet customer standards. Just browse through our unlocked cell phones and purchase your new phone today.