Founding Date Jan 1972 (49 years ago)
Number of Employees 20

R2E (for R éalisation of E studies É electronic) is a company founded in 1970 by Paul Magneron, manager, with the associated CERME SA and André Truong Trong Thi . This company is known to have designed and marketed what is considered the first computer , the Micral .

In 1972, an agronomy of laboratory INRA , who wanted to process data in real time but could not afford a minicomputer December PDP-8 , requires a solution R2E. The team led by François Gernelle embarks on the development of a small computer around the first microprocessor 's Intel , the 8008 , which has been marketed. In January 1973 presented the first computer, the "Micral". Its performance makes it the smallest of the modern computer era (500 KHz, 8 KB RAM in the basic version), corresponding to its price: 8500 Francs. The machine is fast setting industrial production, announced in the French and American trade press, presented at Sicob and sold to equip chemical facilities or highway tolls. New versions will be developed later, a total of twenty multi-user machines, sometimes multiprocessors, in real-time operating systems Prologue and CP / M . Success requires new capital, R2E passes gradually under the control of Bull from 1978. In 1982, the conversion of Bull to IBM compatibility causes the departure of former R2E team founded new enterprises computing.

The first Micral (Micral N) is exhibited in the museum of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers in Paris .