• Tuesday4th February 2014

    Facebook celebrates 10-year anniversary

    events_image Facebook celebrates its first decade anniversary and facebook has launched a new feature called ‘Look Back.’ Starting today users will begin receiving notifications saying that a video summary of all of their facebook activity has been compiled.

  • Monday27th January 2014

    Apple Macintosh: 30 years on from Steve Jobs launch

    events_image The Mac had a thriving ecosystem, and continues to set trends for the entire tech field.  To celebrate its anniversary, several of the founding members of the Mac design team got together in Apple's California hometown.

  • Friday24th January 2014

    Google fixes Gmail after brief outage around the world


    Google Inc suffered that briefly took down Gmail, the cloud-based productivity application that competes against Microsoft Corp's Office suite, also suffered a service disruption. the social network Google Plus, and YouTube, appeared to load slowly as well. "We're investigating reports of an is... see all details

  • Thursday23rd January 2014

    Samsung SDI build electric car battery factory in China

    events_image Samsung SDI Co Ltd has signed a preliminary agreement to build an electric car battery factory in China by next year. The joint venture will consist of Chinese parts maker Anqing Ring New Group and a company owned by the government of Shaanxi province.

  • Sunday19th January 2014

    Smart contact lenses by Google

    events_image It has a wireless chip and a glucose sensor embedded between two layers of lens. Google also stated that they are working on integrating a LED lights that could light up to indicate that glucose levels have crossed certain thresholds.

  • Thursday16th January 2014

    Microsoft considers Ericsson CEO to replace Steve Ballmer

    events_image Microsoft considering Hans Vestberg as next Chief Executive. Vestberg is the CEO of Ericsson a Swedish telecommunications company.

  • Wednesday15th January 2014

    Yahoo COO Henrique de Castro depart

    events_image Henrique de Castro parted ways with Yahoo. Yahoo gave out no reason why de Castro left.

  • Wednesday8th January 2014

    Facebook buys Android app monitoring tool maker

    events_image In a move that marks the social networking giant’s first deal in the country. Facebook is buying India-based Little Eye Labs. Little Eye Labs is a startup that builds performance analysis and monitoring tools for mobile Android apps.

  • Wednesday8th January 2014

    Hiroaki Nakanishi new Hitachi Ltd CEO

    events_image Toshiaki Higashihara the Senior Vice President of Hitachi will replace Hiroaki Nakanishi as President. Hiroaki Nakanishi will become chief executive officer and chairman.

  • Wednesday8th January 2014

    Yahoo CEO unveils handful of new products to big CES crowd

    events_image Chief Executive Marissa Mayer (Yahoo) discloses new products including a "digital magazines" which focuses on technology and on food, a mobile app that provides summarized versions of the day's news.

  • Wednesday8th January 2014

    Smart Onesies by Intel

    events_image Sensors the size of a baby’s hand is attached to baby’s onesie. These will check the baby’s temperature, pulse, baby’s breathing even the baby’s body position. It can even send a signal to warm the milk bottle if the baby is hungry.

  • Tuesday7th January 2014

    Michael Bay losses direction


    Michael Bay where lost for words when the teleprompter began malfunctioning and left him seemingly unable to continue. He decided to walk of the stage in front of live audience. Afterwards Michael bay released this statement “Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES – I was about to speak f... see all details

  • Tuesday7th January 2014

    x12: The Bed that monitors your sleeping habits.

    events_image For $8,000 x12 will monitor your heart rate, positioning, the number of times you get out of bed and even your breathing. It will also adjust the elevation of your partners headrest if they are snoring.

  • Tuesday7th January 2014

    Smart Lock by Goji

    events_image The Goji Smart Lock is a state-of-the-art electronic deadbolt and a smart lock with a built-in camera that sends picture alerts via push notifications to the homeowner’s Goji App to show who is activating their lock.

  • Monday30th December 2013

    Google and Audi working on Android car systems

    events_image Google and German auto maker Audi are working together to develop in-car entertainment and information systems. Android has tried for some time to work with car makers but has faced fierce resistance. Many auto makers want to protect ownership and branding over their in-car systems.

  • Thursday26th December 2013

    LG first wearables to be called the G Arch and G Health

    events_image LG's smartwatch will be called the G Arch and G health also the company is devoloping a fitness and health tracking wristband, creating two separate brands and devices actually makes a lot of sense for LG to do.

  • Thursday26th December 2013

    The Smartphone Octa-core Age Begins

    events_image Homegrown handset maker Intex Technologies launch a new smartphone with octacore processor, The new processor from MediaTek allows all eight of the chipset's cores to run simultaneously offering better performance.

  • Monday23rd December 2013

    Jason Chen appointed as Acer Inc CEO

    events_image Acer has appointed Jason Chen as new CEO. He worked for Intel Corp for 14 years before joining Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. This move is a bid to revive the struggling PC company.

  • Monday16th December 2013

    BlackBerry Messenger to come pre-installed on LG smartphones

    events_image Some LG smartphones will come with pre-installed BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) as per BlackBerry. This will begin with Waterloo, LG G Pro Lite and Ontario-based BlackBerry.

  • Monday16th December 2013

    Samsung announces GamePad for Android smartphones

    events_image Samsung announced its Smartphone GamePad, a game controller for mobile phones, The GamePad works with mobile devices ranging from 4- to 6.3-inches. letting users play games a bit more comfortably rather than touching the screen.

  • Friday13th December 2013

    Google Maps returns to iOS, now with turn-by-turn navigation

    events_image Google Maps made its much anticipated return to the iPhone, The new app has been built from the ground up and includes features that have been long available for Android, such as voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, transit directions, and live traffic information.  

  • Friday6th December 2013

    Twitter to be available on mobile phones without Internet

    events_image Twitter to go for a settlement with U2opia Mobile in order to serve the users in the best way. Twitter has chosen its way to consumers’ mobile phone, even those which are not equipped with any internet connection.

  • Friday6th December 2013

    Google is building a robot army (sort of..)


    Google has acquired few technological companies both in the US and Japan who are involved in robotics this past year. Some of the companies are Schaft, Meka and Redwood Robotics; Autofuss; Industrial Perception; Holomni and Bot & Dolly. As per specialists the most probable target of Google on th... see all details

  • Thursday5th December 2013

    First Double-Sided Display, YotaPhone

    events_image Smartphone with LCD on the front and E-Ink Display at the back. Yoga Devices a Russian mobile device company made the “YotaPhone. However it is only available in few European countries. The front has a 4.3-inch display while the back is more like Amazon's Kindle e-reader.