Tim Morse

Tim Morse

Jerry Yang


A Taiwanese-born American internet entrepreneur, the co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo! Inc.

Timothy Andrew Koogle


Timothy Koogle was first CEO and President of web company Yahoo! between 1995 and 2001.

Carol Bartz


An American business executive, the former president and CEO of the Internet services company Yahoo!

Terry Semel


An American corporate executive who was the chairman and CEO of Yahoo! Incorporated.

Timothy R. Morse was the interim CEO of the Internet services company, Yahoo!. He was named after Carol Bartz lost her position as CEO on September 6, 2011. In January 2012, Yahoo picked Scott Thompson as the new CEO.

Morse was CFO prior to his appointment.

Morse is a graduate of Boston College Carroll School of Management, from which he obtained a bachelor's degree in finance and operations and strategic management.

Morse began his career at General Electric, and worked in various divisions: GE Plastics, GE Appliances and GE Capital in North America, Europe and Asia. He became general manager of business development for General Electric Plastics before being appointed its chief financial officer. After his departure from GE, Morse was the chief financial officer of Altera.

He was hired by then CEO Carol Bartz and was apppointed Chief Financial Officer in July 2009. He was named the company's interim Chief Executive Officer on September 6, 2011 after the board relieved Carol Bartz of her position.