Version History of Total Commander 8.51 (RC 3)

  • Fixed: Button bar: Deleting a button via right click (moving the rest to the left) didn't support long parameters >259 characters (64)
  • Fixed: Compare, re-sync from here: Keep track separately whether the file was changed since the last save, and whether it was changed since it was opened, to avoid unnecessary "The file was changed" dialogs (32/64)
  • Fixed: FTP upload: When using dynamic upload block size, start with a size of 2048 bytes (instead of 512) to get faster more quickly (32/64)
  • Fixed: Compare by content: Text refresh was disabled when pasting a line to an UTF-8 file where the UTF-16 length was shorter than 1024 characters, but the UTF-8 length (in bytes) was longer (32/64)
  • Fixed: Open archive in already running instance (via /O switch) only placed cursor on archive, even without /A switch (previous fix was only applied to 32-bit) (64)
  • Fixed: Lister's menu was missing hotkeys 1,2,3,4 etc. when opening menu with mouse (since TC 8.0!) (64)
  • Fixed: Caret rectangle could be lost over the icon when it is loaded from the background thread (except when using inverted cursor) (32)