Virtual PC
Old Version of Virtual PC
Latest Version
Virtual PC 2007
Supported Systems
Legacy OS support
Windows XP, Vista
First Release
Latest Release
19 February, 2007 (14 years ago )

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Version Name
Released Date
OS Supported
19 February, 2007
(14 years ago)
30.41 MB
Windows XP, XP x64, Vista
and 3 more
19 February, 2007
(14 years ago)
30.52 MB
Windows XP, XP x64, Vista
and 3 more
27 October, 2004
(16 years ago)
18.18 MB
Windows XP, XP x64, Vista
and 3 more
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About Virtual PC

Microsoft Virtual PC is a virtualization suite for Microsoft Windows operating systems, and an emulation suite for Mac OS X. In July 2006 Microsoft released the Windows-hosted version as a free product. Virtual PC emulates a standard PC and its associated hardware. Thus, it can be used to run nearly all operating systems available for the PC. However, issues can arise when trying to install uncommon operating systems that have not been specifically targeted in the development of Virtual PC. Virtual PC Features * Virtual PC provides a time-saving and cost-saving solution anywhere users must run multiple operating systems. * With Virtual PC, you can configure it to suit your requirements. * Virtual PC is simple to install. Any administrator can run the Virtual PC guided setup program, and installation doesn’t require a reboot. * Run multiple operating systems at once. * Users switch between operating systems as easily as they switch between applications. * Users can copy, paste, drag, and drop between guest and host. Virtual PC provides additions that you install in a guest operating system to enable this functionality. Virtual PC is property of Microsoft Corporation.

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Did You Know?

Virtual PC emulates a normal PC and its hardware. Supported Windows operating systems can run inside Virtual PC. Other operating systems like Linux may run, but are not officially supported.